Hacksera Certified Ethical Hacker

Who should attend?

This course is an Entry-level course for beginners who want to be specialized in the field of cybersecurity.

Information Security ,Ethical hacking & network Fundamentals

o Role of Information Security in Today’s Era
o Ethical Hacking Concepts
o Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
o Penetration Testing Standards 
o Network Fundamentals
o Linux Basics

Social Engineering
o Techniques in Social Engineering
o Phishing User Credentials
Concept of Footprinting

o Information Gathering Methods Online
o Fingerprint Servers, Website, Services etc.
o Recon Kung-fu with Various Tools

Network Scanning Techniques

o Scanning Basics & Legal methods to Scan
o  Scanning with Nmap
o  Firewall Evasion 
o  Vulnerability Assessment With Nessus, Retina, Openvas  and         Many More

Cracking Passwords Windows and Linux
o Microsoft Authentication
o How Hash Passwords Are Stored in Windows SAM?
o NTLM Authentication Process
o Kerberos Authentication
o Password Salting
o Tools to Extract the Password Hashes
o Password Cracking
o Types of Password Cracking
o Linux and Windows Bypassing
Keylogger,Spyware and malwares
Web application Security

• OWASP Top 10
• Automated Sql Injection
• XSS Flows
• Shell File Upload
• Website Defacing

Metasploit Exploit Framework

o Metasploit Architecture
o Auxiliary Modules 
o Exploiting Windows  & Linux OS
o Backdooring into Android Phones
o Metasploit Pro & GUI
o Automated Attacks With Metasploit 

Wireless hacking
o Features of 802.11 Standard
o Packet types of 802.11 Standards
o 802.11 Protocol Analysis
o 802.11 authentication types
o WEP Cracking
o EVIL Twin attack
o WPA/WPA2 Cracking
Various Fields of Cyber Security

o WEB Application Security
o Mobile Application Security
o Network Security
o Digital Forensics and Incident response
o Compliance