Certified Digital Forensics Expert

Who should attend this course ?

  • Auditors and financial fraud examiners
  • Chief Security Officers and Chief Technology Officers
  • Professionals seeking a career in computer forensics and cybercrime investigations
  • Security and Network Administrators
Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • Branches of Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Laws and Case Studies
  • Cyber Laws & Standards
  • CERT, cyber cells in India
Forensics Process
  • Basic Forensic Process
  • Forensics 6A’s
Hard Drive Essentials
Legal Issues In Foreniscs

o Physical Protection of Evidence
o Chain of custody 
o Forensic Investigator roles

Incident response and Live forensics

o windows forensics
o Linux Forensics

Memory Foreniscs
Disk Imaging
Browser forensics
Network Forensics
Email Foreniscs
Malware forensics
Mobile forensics
MAC forensics
Forensics report Writing and Case Presentation