About Us

Hacksera is globally recognized cyber security training Company. The key to our success includes focused approach, unmatched state-of-the-art Online learning environment, Online batches or one-on-one training, convenient schedules, reasonable pricing and modern and inventive methods of delivery. Our training combines expert instructor-led Presentation, hands-on simulations and exercises, group discussions and review sessions. Keeping in mind the requirements of the industry our training programs are designed to prepare the candidates/professionals attending our training to meet the challenges they will be facing in real life situations. We have a standard set of courses outlined in different information security domains. However, we also customize the training according to the clients’ requirements. Our team is constantly engaged in extensive research covering various aspects of information security and penetration testing.

Our workshops include a very heavy emphasis on hands-on practice in a very significant manner. Sincere efforts towards Knowledge Transfer. Our trainers will give you the complete knowledge they possess in terms of tools, techniques, and resources.

Our trainers are vendor-certified, globally recognized industry experts, committed to your success. Their training constitutes a perfect blend of official vendor curriculum and their hands-on experience. We offer a range of courses along with flexible and innovative training methods to suit your learning style and accommodate your busy schedule. We deliver training through One to One course, Live-Virtual training and a range of E-learning programs on-site and off-shore. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments and are always on the cutting-edge of security.

We have put together a panel of brilliant trainers who have many years of experience in the exciting field of information security. 


Why Choose Us

Student Successive

 Our Courses are Accepted Nationally/Internationally. All Certification Programs are 100% Online.100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

Cost Effectiveness

You can access our courses anywhere, bringing convenience and saving you money.  Another plus is that you are likely to come across discounted prices if you want to get train large groups of Students, saving you even more.


Online training is available anytime, anywhere, allowing your employees to arrange when and where they take their training. All they need is access to the internet and they are ready to go. This freedom is also likely to make the training more effective

“In all our training exercises, our overriding objective is complete and comprehensive knowledge transfer to our participants. We lay maximum emphasis on practical hands-on training, and believe that only by actually practicing the precepts can they be learnt best. ”

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Richa A

CEO, Founder

Naresh S

COO, Founder

Naren J

Cyber Security Specialist